Kenneth Sadowsky

Board Member
Kenneth Sadowsky has served as a member of our Board since 2006. Mr. Sadowsky has served as a US Beverages Advisor for Verlinvest since 2009 and as the Executive Director of the Northeast Independent Distributors Association, a group of independent beverage distributors in the Northeastern United States, since 2008. Mr. Sadowsky has served on the boards of directors of LIFEAID Beverage Co. and Hint Inc., both health beverage companies, since December 2019 and May 2008, respectively and previously served on the board of directors of Energy Brands Inc. (d/b/a Glacéau), a beverage company and the makers of vitaminwater, smartwater and fruitwater, from 2000 to 2006. Mr. Sadowsky holds a BA from Tulane University.
Independent Director