Our Framework

Our impact work is organized into three pillars that guide our strategy across our business.

To measure our impact on Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") matters, we believe in quantifying the effects on our communities. We term this as our "return on impact." Our business model emphasizes both a return on investment and a return on impact, creating a double ROI business model. This model ensures our company’s measurement of success is not only based on financial terms, but also our effects on the environment and society. Our business can only be successful when those we partner with are successful, which is why it’s imperative to us that we prioritize our return on impact.

As you click these next few pages, you’ll find more information on the tangible ways we have been measuring our return on impact through projects related to our pillars and community.

*Last Updated in January 2024

Protecting Natural Resources

We strive to help protect the environment by preserving natural resources and ecosystems, especially in regions we source and operate in.

Building Thriving Communities

From our employees to our growing networks, we aim to positively impact the people who help create our products by supporting and empowering them.

Championing Health & Wellness

We aim to ensure that we are promoting and investing in a healthy society where physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are prioritized.